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"I met Randy years ago at a former gym at my first ever fitness class. I originally started out doing the beginner modifications in class, but with time and Randy's encouragement I was trying out the more advanced modifications. I thoroughly enjoy Randy's classes because he is obviously knowledgable about fitness, but his outgoing persona and quick sense of humour makes his classes comfortable and enjoyable. His exercises are always very creative and no two classes are ever the same."

"Randy puts on an AWESOME class! He places an emphasis on proper form rather than number of repetitions. I have always hated working out so having a class where I know I will laugh and have a good time is what keeps me coming back. My girlfriends and I are all at different fitness levels, but this is a class we all feel comfortable working out in."

"I began going to Randy's fitness classes because I had my (CPAT) fitness test for the Calgary Fire Department coming up and could afford to step up my fitness game. Randy knew my goals and tailored many of the exercises to focus on building strength while maintaining my endurance and cardiovascular health. This guy is motivating, without yelling constantly in your ear, and his workouts are always different."

"The #1 thing I like most about Randy's classes is that he keeps everyone safe. He is very in tune with each persons limits and boundaries. I have several injuries that prevent me from performing specific movements. Randy is great at supplying me with alternative exercises that work for my body. He ensures everyone is performing exercises with proper form. I would recommend this class for anyone who is worried about developing bad workout habits."

"I have been working out with Randy for 4 months now and have seen a dramatic increase of muscle on my arms, core and legs. He pushes me to workout harder than I would on my own. Everyone should give his class a try!"